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We are a non-profit, faith-based, equine-assisted, youth mentorship program.

Our mission is to encourage youth to overcome hurt and find True Hope and Real Healing through the Love of Jesus Christ, our Living Hope!



Each session is 60-minutes and consists of purposeful one-on-one activities which build lasting relationships full of God’s love, truth, and kindness.

These sessions can vary from horse riding, horse handling, playing with goats, arts and crafts, games, bike rides, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, operating an excavator or tractor, jeep rides, and sometimes puppy play. Sessions are adaptable to meet the individual needs of each child.

Rather than having a group setting, where the child has the potential of being overlooked, our sessions consist of one-on-one time where the child is nurtured by a single leader. This allows the leader to share in the child’s challenges and victories. All of this is done free of charge. Through hands-on experience, kids are taught the values of faith, trust, hope, and family.



Although the primary focus of Living Hope is to serve at-risk children, our program is available for any child. The only true requirement for kids visiting the Ranch is that they want to participate. Their desire to be here indicates a willing soul. This willingness is where broken hearts and lives can be led toward the healing hope of Jesus Christ.

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