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Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole.

Though "Living Hope Dobies and Doxies" and "Living Hope Youth Ranch" are separate organizations, we donate 10% of our profit from "Living Hope Dobies and Doxies" to "Living Hope Youth Ranch"! So buying one of our beautiful puppies also helps to support the ranch.

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Let us introduce ourselves... 


We are a small kennel based in Vernonia, Oregon. We breed both Dobies (Dobermans) and Doxies (Mini Dachshunds). Our dogs are our family and we raise the puppies as part of our family as well. We take breeding very seriously. We strive to breed not only for conformation and looks, but also for health, longevity, temperament, and workability. We want to better both breeds. Our dogs are great family dogs that are full of love and raised inside our home the whole time. We work, train, and love on them daily from birth till the day they go to their forever home.

As a breeder, we strive to raise healthy and well-adjusted puppies that are properly socialized and ready to take on the world by the time they leave for their new homes. We also strive to develop strong ongoing relationships with all of our puppy owners where they can count on us whenever they need guidance or advice. 

We do not breed for quantity, but rather for quality. Due to this, we only have a few litters a year, as we want to properly be able to dedicate all the time it takes to raise our puppies to the best of our ability.

Our Puppies come with the following:

  • Litter box - potty training

  • Doggie door - potty training

  • Puppy culture training from birth - 8 weeks

  • Embark genetic health-tested parents

  • First vaccine

  • Multiple dewormings done from 2 weeks - 8 weeks old

  • Tons of desensitizing and socializing

  • Vet health clearance certification

  • The Dobie pups come with dew claws removed and tails docked.






Hi, I’m a March 2018 model and I’m ½ European and ½ American (which is also a GREAT mix). I’m more laid back than any of the other dogs in our house, some might even say I’m lazy or call me a "couch potato",


My favorite things are: Exploring the 88 acres of our farm with my twin sister. Chasing, catching and eating squirrels and rabbits. Going for walks, if anyone in my family says, “walk” I’m up and ready at the door! I love laying at the entrance of our driveway when my family is away and when they are in the house you can usually find me on the front porch or on the couch!


I don’t play with toys much but I love chewing on bones. I am super food motivated and will do almost anything for a treat. I’m pretty vocal and speak to get my point across, however I’m not really a barker.


I’m a GREAT mom and take very good care of my puppies. I’m a little more attached to my twin sister Sissy than I am to my human family but I'm still a very good dog!




Hello, I’m a March 2021 model and I’m ¾ European and ¼ American Doberman (my mom says it’s the most perfect mix). My registered name is "A Bagheers Di Altobello" but my family calls me "Broden" or "Brody". 


My favorite things are: running around the property in front of the quads, I can run 25 miles an hour for quite some time and down hill I’m even faster! I love going for walks and car rides. If anyone in my family says, “wanna go for a walk” or “let’s go, let’s go” I and all the dogs in our house get super excited.


I love squeaky toys, crunchy toys and tug of war. I love snuggling with my human mama and I follow her everywhere she goes. I'm a 100% velcro dog and my family LOVES it! I’m a very good boy and listen well. I am super food motivated and an extremely fast learner and LOVE learning and training!! 


I’m very vocal with my dog family and my human family, everyone knows how I’m feeling. I’m the protector of the property as well. My very favorite thing is probably puppies - I LOVE puppies and I’m probably the BEST DOG DAD EVER!




Hi, I’m an April 2022 model and the baby of the doberman family in our house. Don’t let my age or size fool you though, I’m rough, tough, and can hold my own. I keep up with the “big dogs” and try my best to be the boss. I’m a full European Doberman. My registered name is "Grace n Blessings Anima" but I come to "Grace" or "Gracie".


I’m full of energy and love playing, running, going anywhere I can, and driving all the other dogs in our house crazy - I keep it fun at all times. My favorite things are: Playing with toys, chewing on anything I can find, chasing Brody, and exploring. Brody is my best doggie friend and Izzy (my human mom) is my best human friend.


 I love going for walks (I usually run most of the walk) and I love car rides. I’m a licker, which isn’t a normal Dobie thing but… It's my thing! I’m very food-motivated and a very quick learner as well. I’m a bit stubborn and like to push my limits to find out if “no” really means “no”. I am also a 100% velcro dog. I'm confident, alpha, a friend to all - I’m Gracie Loo!!




Howdy, I’m Lady and live with my guardian family who love me to pieces and take great care of me. I’m an August 2021 model and I’m pretty petite. I am ¾ European and ¼ American. My mom says I am the prettiest girl in the world and people stop to admire me in the street. I have doe eyes but a bark to scare even the fondest dog lover; yet I have never met a stranger. 


I love to play chase with any human once they meet me in the backyard; no one has caught me yet. Dad throws the ball for me and that really gets me going fast. My second favorite thing to play is hide and seek. I am fantastic at finding my humans when they hide; even in the trickiest spots.


I am food motivated and I love fresh eggs in the morning for breakfast and have learned to sit, stay, kennel, shake, high paw, lay down, and come because of this morning ritual. My parents think I am the best family dog and are excited to continue to teach me new games and tricks; because I am so smart.





Hello, I’m a December 2022 model and I live in a guardian family. I’m full of energy and I’m the BOSS in my house!!! I weigh between 9-10 pounds and I’m the loudest in the house as well. I’m the alarm if someone comes, I let everyone know.


My favorite things are: Snuggling up on someone's lap, snuggling under blankets, the warm sunlight that comes through the windows, going on walks, chasing squirrels and rabbits, going for car rides, playing with toys that squeak and my boys (I have 3 of them)!


 I love to lick and my goal in life is to try and lick inside everyone’s mouth. I'd make a good doggie dentist. 




Hi there! I live with my guardian family who love me to pieces and take great care of me. I want to tell you a little about myself!


I’m a September 2021 model. I enjoy taking naps with my humans and snuggling inside fuzzy blankets. I love playing tag and chasing my older doggie sister around, I need to make sure my Bernese Mountain Dog siblings stay in line!


I may be small but I don’t let that stop me. I am most definitely the boss of our household and I thoroughly enjoy being the referee when my fur siblings are getting rowdy!


I love to go on walks, adventures and swimming. I’m not very good at swimming and always seem to get water up my nose but that doesn’t stop me. I absolutely adore my human kids! I cry when they leave and get filled with joy when they come home!


My favorite thing to do at the end of the day is to help my human mama herd the chickens back into their coop. My human mama and I make a great team!!


Once bedtime rolls around I enjoy snuggling with my human mama in bed. My job as protector of the house doesn’t end when it's bedtime. I do not like anyone coming near my mama while we are sleeping. I make sure to warn them the minute they come into our room.




I’m as sweet as can be and everyone who meets me falls in love with me. I also live with my guardian family and they think I’m the cutest thing they’ve ever seen.


I’m an August 2022 model, and will be having my first litter of pups December 2023. My parents know I'll be an amazing mama and have the cutest babies.

I'm long haired and I'm a little bigger than most mini dachshunds, I weigh 15 pounds. My color is shaded red. I love playing outdoors, going for walks, going for car rides, chasing shadows and playing with other dogs.

You don't wanna miss out on one of my pups, if they are anything like me, they will be AMAZING!




About Me




About Me




About Me



Spring Dobies & Summer Doxies

Gracie is expecting her first litter of pups around April 23rd, 2024

Daisy, Butters, Poppy and Dottie will all be having summer litters between June - September 2024




Visit my Facebook for pictures and videos


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