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Meet Our Heard

“Call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.” (Psalm 50:15, NLT) 


Rescuing horses is also a part of Living Hope Youth Ranch’s ministries. In October 2019, we rescued a starving little black mare who, in the condition she was in, likely would not have made it through the winter. She was given lots of nutritional food and supplements, had her teeth floated, and feet fixed, and was given a ton of love. Today we call this little mare Hope! She is one of the best horses the ranch has and a favorite among the children.


We have a DREAM: a dream of building a new barn so that we have more room to rescue more horses like Hope and give them a NEW LIFE. We are working on fundraising and looking for donations to be able to BUILD THAT DREAM! If you would like to help be a part of that dream coming true, please join us in donating to make this dream become a reality!

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I’m Copper, “Copper Penny” or even just “Penny”. I am a 2005 Arabian gelding. I’ll be the first to meet you once you come into the field. I love children and would gladly follow kids around all day just out of pure fascination. In 2018 I was in an awful trailer accident and since that day I’ve really blossomed into an amazing session horse. That day I saw God work a lot of miracles and I know firsthand that “God is at work and I get to be used to bring glory to His name”. God used that accident to mold me, a high-strung horse into a caring creature. God uses all things to bring glory to His name if we let him. Come and learn to trust in the Lord with me!


I’m Courage and I’m a 1994 gelding, Hackney-Arabian cross. It’s very fortunate that my name is Courage as that’s the only Courage I have. I’m getting older and my legs aren’t as strong as I once was, so I do better walking because I tend to get a little trippy as I get tired. I will live out my life here on the ranch loving all the kids that come! I’ll take you for a slow peaceful ride and together we can work on trusting and building courage together.

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Hello, I’m Hope and I was rescued by Living Hope Youth Ranch back in 2019. I was abandoned at a boarding barn and my teeth were in bad shape. They were in such bad shape that I was having a hard time eating and losing lots of weight. I wouldn’t have made it through winter in the condition I was in. My name there was Satin but once I was rescued by the ranch that gave me Hope and Hope became my name. I was rescued, redeemed, loved and cared for and now I get to share my love and hope with all the kids that come to the ranch. I’m a favorite among the kids and I am as gentle as can be. I get a little moody at times but that’s to be expected since I am a mare. We aren’t quite sure of my age or bloodlines but that doesn’t matter because I was made by God and created for a purpose and here I am living out my purpose!! I’ve had a few babies in my youth and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom, in fact I have decided to take Sarah (the mini here at the ranch) as my foster baby.


I’m Sarah, or “Sarah Bear”, “Bear” or “Little Piggie” are some of my many nicknames on the ranch. I am the oldest horse on the ranch and the smallest. I’m actually a mini horse but with a full-size personality! I’m a mare as well and I was born in 1993. I’ve had a few babies in my youth. I’m retired now and absolutely loved to be brushed and petted by all the children that come to visit the ranch. I love just following the big horses around and Ms. Hope thinks she’s my mom. She takes very good care of me, so that’s very sweet of her. Though I’m getting too old to be ridden, except by very lite riders, I still have a lot of love to offer to anyone wanting some. Something pretty unique about me is, I change coat color 3 times a year. In the winter I am gray-bay roan, in the spring I turn all gray and in the summer I am mostly all bay in color. 

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